Monday, April 29, 2019

Resurrection Sunday…

…was beautiful here in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. Over 100 men, women and children from many nations gathered at sunrise around the cross.   Transforming this cross from barren to covered in lovely flowers was a powerful reminder of the power of Jesus to bring life from death, and His ultimate triumph over sin and the grave.  We serve a living Savior and our prayer is that we live as “Easter-people,” reflecting this truth all year round!

Faith comes by hearing...

“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit enabled them. Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven. When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard them speaking in his own language.” Acts 2: 4-6  

Today, we heard the story of Pentecost preached in Tok Pisin during a church service that included Papua New Guinean translators-in-training from over 10 different language groups in PNG, and it took on fresh meaning to us. God’s Word reminds us that hearing the wonders of God declared in your own language makes all the difference! So, please continue to pray for these national translators, as they learn the skills they need to make this a reality for their language groups. And also pray for the translators recording existing scriptures onto solar-powered audio-Bibles into those languages, that many  more would come to faith by hearing the Good News. This becomes living water, as the truth of the Gospel fills and transforms those who hear it, and we pray it will bear much fruit.

Above: Our water tank is overflowing with rain water from our roof captured during this very rainy season, for which we are grateful, as this supplies the running water in our home.  Our prayer is for God’s word to similarly fill all those who hear it here in PNG to overflowing!

Prayer Points

Papua New Guinea (PNG): Pray for continued revival in the Aiyura valley and peace between all the villages.

Bible translation: Praise for the Kandas New Testament being dedicated in New Ireland province this weekend.

Our roles in PNG: Pray for a good finish to Term 4 at Ukarumpa International School and for all our preparations to depart PNG on June 26th.

PNG training: Pray for all involved in the Translator Training Courses running during May here in Ukarumpa.

God’s provision:  Praise for your faithful partnership with our Wycliffe ministry here in PNG- we could not serve here without you!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Reflecting on the Call...

The theme for our biennial PNG branch conference has been “the Call” and each day we have reflected on a different aspect: called by Christ, called higher, called together, called for a purpose, called to holiness and called to love deeply. It has been a time of genuine spiritual renewal and an opportunity to meet and worship together as an entire PNG branch, as all of our Bible translation teams came in from their remote villages and participated. What a powerful picture of the body of Christ, as 460 obedient servants from 17 nations gathered together to humbly seek God’s will and to give Him praise for what He has accomplished here in PNG through us all during these last two years! Please continue to pray for the work of Bible translation in PNG, as we were reminded that there are still 300 languages that have no translation begun yet- none of God’s Word in the language of their hearts. And pray also for us as we continue to prepare for our transition back to the USA for a 9-month home assignment in July, that we would endeavor to finish our three year term well.

Above: Our PNG branch, meeting together for worship, discussion, business and encouragement during our biennial six-day conference. Can you find Scott and Kathy in this picture?

Thank you for praying...

...for all of Scott’s travel from late February through mid-March. This included attending a Child Safety training course held at the Christian Academy of Japan in Tokyo and then providing operational support for regional meetings in Denpasar, Indonesia. While both trips were very busy, Scott did have some time to take in some sites, and taste some interesting coffees. (Google "Kopi Luwak and try not to laugh) His favorite was the Samurai Museum in Tokyo; do you think this should be the new uniform for security in PNG?

Prayer Points...

  • Papua New Guinea (PNG): Pray for continued revival in the Aiyura Valley; God is moving in new ways!

  • Bible translation: Pray for for the upcoming Kandas New Testament dedication in New Ireland province on April 28th.

  • Our roles in PNG: Pray for a successful start to Term 4 at Ukarumpa International School and for our preparations to finish our second term serving in PNG well.

  • PNG Training:  Pray for all in the Engaging with Scripture through Local Arts course on April 11-16 in Ukarumpa.

  • God’s provision:  Praise for your faithful partnership with our Wycliffe ministry here in PNG- we could not serve here without you!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Welcoming a New Year...

Over the Christmas holiday, we spent time with friends from another mission. While the break was a welcome respite, we are glad to be back in Ukarumpa. Looking ahead, we have much to do before July when we return to the US on a 9 month home assignment. Kathy is currently teaching full-time, serving as the Science Department Head and co-leading a community group Bible study for 9th grade girls. Scott is serving as both Field Security Officer and Senior Manager for Regional Centers. Scott will be traveling a bit for work through parts of February and March, and March is also the time for our biennial PNG branch conference. Given our pending July home assignment, we also have to make preparations to ensure a smooth transition before our absence. All in all, it looks like the next 5 months will go by pretty fast. While in the US, we will be serving as missionaries-in-residence at Dover Baptist Church. We will also be traveling to see our partners in mission, family and friends, and attend some additional training. We hope to see as many of you as possible before our intended return to Papua New Guinea in late March of 2020. 

 Above: The Cairns birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera euphorio) was one of the exquisite examples of God’s creativity we were able to enjoy over our break. 

Photo credit: Scott Watson